About Us

At WHEEL-BUILDER we have set the requirements for our wheels to meet higher radial run out standards, axial run out, uniformity of spokes and lateral rim of the rim. These parameters have a direct impact on the safety of the rider, the correct geometry of the bike and the durability of the wheels.

Wheel production is done by hand. Therefore, our wheels have definitely better parameters from the wheels folded mechanically. This is a non-standard production.

Each wheel is subjected to 100% control of the following parameters:

- radial and axial run out

- tension of spokes,

- lateral rim of the rim.

For the production of wheels we use components from proven and reputable manufacturers.

We pay particular attention to the individual requirements of the competitor / cyclist.

We suggest to make wheels to match the user's weight, the nature of the operation (occupations, tourism) and of course to budget constraints.

The selection of components begins with an interview with the customer, to determine the weight, the nature of use (occupation, tourism), the type of tires used (tubeless system, type of tires), budget range. This information is essential for proper component selection.

The offer includes the following information:

- spoke pattern, number of spokes;

- spoke model (material, shape, color);

- rim model, color;

- hub model, color;

- nipple (material, length, color).